Cross Country Communications

Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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Cross Country Communications

Post by moeller80 »

I plan to take a three week trip this fall to the west with a friend. I have a 2015 GL1800 and he has a Honda VTX 1300.

As we travel through the country we would like to communicate and ideally take pictures from a Bluetooth system.

Due to the fact the GL1800 does not permit this feature, any recommendations on systems linking us as well?
Any thoughts or experience dealing with this would be greatly accepted form a knowledge basis.

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Re: Cross Country Communications

Post by harvey01 »

I have a GL1800 with the OEM CB. My wife rides a VTX and we mounted a J&M CB on it and communicate with no problems. Yes both systems require using the stock wire hookups but we have been doing it for so long that it is habit to connect and disconnect.

Sierra Electronics does have the J&M systems but they also have a lot of alternative systems such as various forms of Bluetooth. One huge advantage of the CB systems is they usually are hardwired to the bikes power and do not rely on batteries. So after 10 hours on the road my system is still working and I don't have to get fresh or recharged batteries. Just a thought!
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Re: Cross Country Communications

Post by paid4c4 »

I am considering a set of these so my wife and I can talk on our GW 1800 Trike. They come in pairs for a little cheaper price.
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PS: This is my first post after lurking here for some time. I like the forum, seems to have lots of nice people and good information.
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Re: Cross Country Communications

Post by manutd »

My wife and I use the SMH10 Works as advertised but does suffer from wind noise coming through the open mikes.
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Re: Cross Country Communications

Post by grizzly »

We use the Scala rider g 9 have used on vacations for the last 5 years I ride a gl 1800 my wife rides a can am tour
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Re: Cross Country Communications

Post by salty1 »

You didn't say anything about budget.? Your buddy on the VTX could use a Midland radio similar to what is shown below. I believe Sierra sells the radio for $90. Of course he would need a PTT button and a compatible headset. Total cash outlay probably around a $230. The radio is portable and can be charged nightly if needed. I've been using a system like this for years on one of my Valks.

The speaker that is velcroed to the back of the radio amplifies radar detector alerts.

On your bike, I would invest in either an OEM radio or look at what Sierra has to offer for your bike. The radio and antennae install is essentially plug and play. Your bike has a wonderful audio system and a CB just adds to your investment IMO. FWIW :D

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