Rear brake chatter

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Rear brake chatter

Post by jachey »

Hello all,
I have a 01 GL1800, no abs. Rear brakes started to slightly chatter on soft braking. Stops when pressed harder. Installed new pads and after a few hundred miles now it's back and worse than before. Its a fast chatter and does not feel like a warped rotor. The recall was done a few months ago. Any ideas what to look for?

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Re: Rear brake chatter

Post by AZgl1800 »

If the chatter stops when you apply the hand brake, there is air in the lines.

If you apply the hand brake first, and then the foot brake, and it never does chatter at all; there is air in the lines.

I have been told, there is a banjo fitting up high in the front, that is hard to get to, but all the lines must be bled out.

If the brake recall is not done yet, tell the dealer about the rear brake chatter and that you want the tech to be sure and get all of the air out of the lines.

Don't come back and say "hey! ever since you did that recall, my brakes have started chattering"...
nothing infuriates a mechanic more than that....
and he will know you are lying.

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Re: Rear brake chatter

Post by glrider2014 »

Sorry to hear about this jachey!

Sorry AZgl1500, but you are wrong in this case.

My 2014 GL1800 was perfectly fine before the service, and immediately after I experienced this exact chatter jachey is describing.
When I showed the dealership that did the recall, they immediately replaced the brake pads again- still occurred : THEY test drove it. Replaced it again. Still it failed. They bled all the lines out and it still happens.
"he will know you are lying"
Ha... except they quickly discovered the recall is what caused the problem. I wouldn't be surprised if this case starts popping up more and more. Honda also replied with "you should be using both brakes at the same time, as per the manual."
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Re: Rear brake chatter

Post by rjgreen3 »

I also had the recall completed and the chatter started at low speeds. Was advised this problem is due to air in the brake line. It only occurs when the brakes are hot and as previously stated at low speeds. It only happens now and then so I am going to live with it until I need service work in that area (rear wheel area of the bike). Other than that the bike stops fine since the recall was completed.

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