Soungate ipod adapter reset fix

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Soungate ipod adapter reset fix

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Handlebar controls not responding, or ipod not recognised when CD button is pressed.
1/Turn on ignition
2/Unplug Soundgate adapter
3/Plug back in
4/Turn off ignition then turn back on again.

I sure got fed up of this, and could not be bothered to look into the cause, albeit the interface or whatever. Good when it works well, too expensive to just toss into a box and not use.

I decided to sever the permanent 12v power supply at the white Soundgate connector , and supply 12v via a switch. When the Soundgate fails needing a reset, all I would need to do is switch off the power, and switch it back on again, instead of all the getting to the Soundgate to unplug it malarkey.

This is quite simple and many may have already done this little task. I had a spare switch on one of my handlebar res triple switch banks, but a switch is a switch and can be put anywhere, no relay is needed, just a switch.

Note wire X1 will be live when Soungate is powered, wires X2 are permanent live, so isolate them form making contact with earth.

Also note the power supply does not have to be permanent, you can connect your chosen power supply to the ACC terminal in the fusebox, so every time the radio unit is powered up by turning the key to ACC or IGN, the Soundgate adapter will be powered up, instead of being permanently powered when the ipod is disconnected, or the radio unit is turned on/off.

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