idle surge

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idle surge

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I have an '01 with 65,000 miles on it, on my last ride the bike started surging from approx. 800-1200 rpm's at idle in a steady wave and only at idle, the only thing I did different was before this ride I stopped at a car wash and sprayed the bike off. I first thought ok something got wet that shouldn't have but that's not the case. I went on a 370+ mile ride that day and if something got wet it should've dried out by the end of the day. well now, three weeks later it still has the surge. I've posted about this on other Goldwing forums and gotten lots of feedback and suggestions on what to look for and check from loosening the gas cap while the bike is surging to resetting the ECM to checking the spark plugs and wires to finding ALL the vacuum lines and checking them for leaks, and doing a unplug/plug on all the air/fuel system sensors to see if on of those may have went bad. i'm to the point of giving up the hunt and just riding it like it is, I have the bike taken apart and it'll probably take a full day of non stop work to put it back together, so if anyone has any suggestions before I start putting it back together they would be GREATLY appreciated and most welcome, THANKS IN ADVANCE !!!!!

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Re: idle surge

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Let the bike idle for a few minutes, do not touch the throttle.
Doing this will reset the idle.

Many say you need to let the cooling fans come on then off.
This is not so, but doing so will have allowed enough time for the reset procedure to complete.
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