Neck pain from helment

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Neck pain from helment

Post by inkman »

When I wear my helment for a long time my neck starts to hurt.I wear a 3/4 helment and don't want to change,does anyone know what I can do to help this.mabey different brand?

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Re: Neck pain from helment

Post by NVSB4 »

Most of the time neck pain from a helmet is due to it being too heavy for you or wind buffeting.
Wind buffeting is usually caused by the windshield.
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Re: Neck pain from helment

Post by inkman »

Anyone know of a light weight helment

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Re: Neck pain from helment

Post by WingAdmin »

A lot of the time it is more from the position of the rider than the weight of the helmet. If you are leaning slightly forward, your neck muscles will be supporting your head - and your helmet just makes it worse. A couple hours of that, and your neck will be incredibly sore.

A set of handlebar risers to move the handlebars back, or perhaps a backrest that moves you slightly forward can correct this, and you'll find your neck pain is gone.

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Re: Neck pain from helment

Post by PastoT »

I ride with a modular and too often with the chin bar lifted up and it will tire my neck on long days. I found raising the windscreen a notch helps. In the summer I have to cool off with a 3/4 Bell helmet I bought in Tucson, its much lighter and cooler when its 110F, but allo0ws a lot more noise in as well. I don't have risers yet but that is on my to-add list for my long trips, my shoulders certainly pay the toll when riding 1000 mile plus days.
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Re: Neck pain from helment

Post by detdrbuzzard »

if you are like me and have a neck injury then the weight of a helmet can make a difference. because of my injury i was off of bikes for almost 10yrs. what i found at the time ( 2007 ) was that dennis kirk listed the weight of the helmets they sold. the first bike i got didn't have a windshield so i got the lightest hjc ff helmet i could find. later that year i bought a 1200 wing. the following spring i tried an hjc half helmet and had more problems with it than the ff helmet so i gave the half helmet to my nephew and picked up an hjc ac-3 3/4 helmet, it was better balanced on my head than the half helmet. what i found was balance and buffeting were the culprit. my neck has gotten stronger over the years and I'm looking for a replacement for the ac-3, the hjc ff helmet was replaced with a shoei quest last summer
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Re: Neck pain from helment

Post by joeincalif »

Arai is the lightest helmet that I know of. They do cost a lot but they are great. Also my wife used to wear a medical neck brace and it helped her a lot. The helmet would rest on the brace and took the pressure off her neck. In hot weather she would soak it in cold water ... Ah1X8P8HAQ


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