Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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Wow, looks like I'm on a roll. Had this trike ('06 1800 / Roadsmith) for 4 wks now. Fired up fine when I bought it. Lately, the reverse has been very weak /slow. Wouldn't reverse up even the slightest incline. Is this normal? So, this morning it hesitates to start...wonk...wonk...start. I ride it about 4 miles, shut it off and try to re-start just to check. Not a grunt...not a light! I'm going to have a look at the batt to see how old it is. Poss new batt. Poss charging. Should I also have the ALT checked? Is this something I can do w/o taking it to a dealer? What do I need for tools? When the key is 'off', all elec systems are off, right? So no need to turn off lights, radio etc? Right? Any suggestions/tips are greatly appreciated.

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Sounds like an old battery...pull the battery and have it tested at a local AutoZone or whatever/wherever can test a battery. If you have to replace it get an AGM battery to replace it....Big Crank is a good battery! ... ttery.html
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Make sure your battery connections are really clean and tight. My 02 is heavily laiden with extra electric farkles and I failed to truly wrench the battery connection tight and it just died a couple times after starting, then it just blipped (technical term LOL) and did nothing. I pulled the cover and tightened the battery connections a bit more snuggly with a box wrench instead of a phillips screw driver and once again no issue; it had neither supplied consistent power to the bike or accept charging fully for a day or so and it only took a few miles riding to make things all better. Might still be the battery but its worth 2 minutes just to check the connections.
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NoTippin, it sounds like you are not real knowledgeable about batteries. I would urge you to go to this website:

Not only do they list the batteries for your GL1800 and most other motorcycles, they also offer an easily downloadable Technical Manual. It contains just about all the info you need to deal with motorcycle and car batteries.

I have used Yuasa batteries in my motorcycles for the last 50+ years with great success. One you identify the battery that fits your need, contact one of several vendors to have one shipped to your door or go to you local dealer for the install. Honda Direct line, Cyclemax, Wingstuff and many others.

You might pull the old battery and take it to a auto parts store and have them check it with a load testor. You are under no obligation to buy from them!

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