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Special tools

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Has anyone been able to find the special tools needed to disassemble an 1800 engine at a good price. Or can anyone tell me what size the 12 point sockets are. If I knew the size I could buy the sockets and alter them so they would work. I found one of the tools on Direct Line and it was $308.00, a lot of money for a poor boy who is not in the business. Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Special tools

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I just repaired my gl1800 transmission and I bought a couple of the frame tools from gearhead.com but not cheap and probably could have done the job without them, only needed for three bolts and the locking nuts. I bought a 46mm deep well impact socket from Sears for about $20. That is used for the nut holding the clutch outer on. I measured the output shaft bearing holder nut and converted it to standard size, not sure what it was something like 1 7/16 inch, bought a 12 point closed end wrench at a discount store and filed it down in order to fit snugly (tapped it on with a hammer) heated the tool so that it could be straightened and used a small sledge hammer to loosen the nut. I also used a large pipe wrench to hold the output shaft from turning where needed by using soft nails in the splines held by a wire tie so that the pipe wrench would not mess up the splines. Other bolts I used an impact wrench to loosen and also tighten (I went by tight and really tight for the torque values). Some of the bolts took quite a bit of hits with the impact wrench to get loose. But for the most part, and the more important torques I was able to get the correct values. I did not have to dismantle the transmission gears only replaced a bent shifter fork. Used some metal strips and hose clamps as piston ring compressors, worked pretty good as long as the pistons are held in position. I asked but couldn't find a shop in town that would loan me any tools at all, it was a big job and I didn't have that much spare time to devote to it, start to finish it took me about 4 months, probably about two weeks of actual work but it runs now and feels pretty good that I was able to save so much in labor charges. Good Luck with everything.
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Re: Special tools

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This company seems to be the best source for tools that I have found so far
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Re: Special tools

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R&R the alternator in 20 minutes with this tool set, I have it.

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