Changing a headlight 2008

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Changing a headlight 2008

Post by rbbiker »

My left low beam does not work dealer wants 2 hours labour to replace. Can this be done with out removing the Fairing

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Re: Changing a headlight 2008

Post by tfdeputydawg »

Yes it can and 2 hours labor is a rip off. ... l1800.html

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Re: Changing a headlight 2008

Post by gareva1 »

yeah, low beams are a cinch...high beams are a little more of a PITA, especially if you have big hands...I've got so much stuff under and around the pockets (cellset, audio filters, power connectors, lighting wires, etc) that I find it easier to just pull the shelter to get to the high beam bulbs...also, some people remove just the pockets to do the low beam bulbs, mostly so they can see what they are doing better...

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Re: Changing a headlight 2008

Post by bamadave »

I saw this and copied and pasted when the time comes on my '03 1800.

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Re: Changing a headlight 2008

Post by Randyj01 »

Thanks bamadave, that link saved me hours of taking the fairing off.

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