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Interrupted electrical

Posted: Mon Jan 02, 2017 11:02 am
by Dudleygray
My 2002 GL 1800 periodically stumbles as though the battery is disconnected, which resets the clock and trip odometers.

Mileage is 117,000 with mostly local short trip travel. My habit in Houston's hot summer climate has been to shut off the engine at red lights so the ignition switch, starter switch/relay & starter have probably been overused. Seldom use reverse but it is still reliably functional.

Have discovered starter motor running when it shouldn't be and flicking the handlebar toggle switch a few times stops it from running on.

Any ideas? What is most likely the cause? Trouble shooting solution to isolate the culprit?
Replace ignition switch? Or handlebar start toggle switch, or some relay?

Thanks in advance for your reply.