Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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I see where quite a few of my fellow wing owners use ROTELLA. My question is which one?? I work part time at an auto parts store (O'REILLY'S) and we stock 4 different ones.
T 15/40
T4 15/40
T5 10/30 and 15/40
T6 5/40

As mother Honda calls for 10/40 would it be safe to substitute a slightly heavier weight? If so which one? As I an in S.W. Florida I don't have to put up with colder temps.

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If I was to go to Rotella, I would choose the T-6 5W40, but if I could find a T-6 10W40 it would be perfect (probably does not exist tho). It is a fully synthetic, and has the JASO MA/MA2 rating for wet clutches. The other Rotellas you mention are kind of iffy in the JASO MA/MA2 such as, the T-4 15W40 is okay, but the 10W30 is not. The Rotella T-5 is not suitable at all, as it is formulated for diesel trucks and has no JASO rating at all. The Rotella T is a non synthetic diesel oil which also, like the T-5, is not suitable for wet clutches. Yup, I would go with the T-6 or find a different product.
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You can also use the T5 10w30. It doesnt have any friction modifiers and wont screw up your clutch. Been running it for quite a few years and know a few other guys running it also.
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Using a 5W40 versus a 10W40 is only relevant when the temperature is low enough to kick in the winter aspect 5 or 10; however, once the engine is warm and operating at temperature the 5 or 10 W is no longer in play.

T6 5W40 synthetic is good. Use it in my 1200 and 1800. Being north of the border I try to get it on sale for $40.00 for 5 litres - $8.00 a litre for good synthetic is pretty good price.

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The t6 is the one that isn't energy conserving and doesn't have bad stuff for your clutch and is also fully synthetic. The the 5w part of it made shifting feel a little too rough for me and my climate. I like full synthetic 10w40 Mobil 1, which also doesn't have friction modifiers, (I think, that all 10w40 oils are free of them). It is also cheaper than Rotella when you buy it at Wallyworld.

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