FI light and stalling diagnosed by dealer as PGM-FI failure

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FI light and stalling diagnosed by dealer as PGM-FI failure

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I have a 2005 GL-1800 with only 36K miles. I recently had the FI indicator light come on while riding. There was no engine stumbling or stalling, but the light stayed on. I had to get gas anyway, so I stopped and refueled. Upon restarting, the FI light was out and stayed out, with no obvious engine stumbles, until I got home. Did some reading at home and learned about the long and short blinks of the FI light and the codes. Took the bike back out a day or so later, rode about 20 miles with no incident, then slowed to a stop sign and the engine just stalled out completely, for the first time in all the years I've had the bike. Still no FI light, though. Decided to take it to the dealer to see if it threw any codes. Technician said that it was throwing almost every FI code there is, and that the whole PGM-FI control module was failing and needed to be replaced (very expensive part, evidently) along with the knock sensors. Said the bike was not safe to ride, as it would likely get worse and engine could die in traffic or in the middle of an intersection. So, it's in the shop awaiting arrival of the parts. I'm wondering if I'm just expensively unlucky or if I am getting a serious hose job from the dealer. Yes, the bike is 12 years old, but it has been serviced regularly and has only 36K on it. Have other riders had similar problems or heard about them with this year GL1800? Thanks.

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Re: FI light and stalling diagnosed by dealer as PGM-FI failure

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The part about the bike throwing "almost every code there is" is very hard for me to believe. With the miles (or lack thereof) you have it is hard for me to believe it could have every problem there is.
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Re: FI light and stalling diagnosed by dealer as PGM-FI failure

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No bike experience but,
on a truck I've seen modules throw every code they can and not be able to be cleared out, or clearing sets more codes.
in those cases it has been a module. I don't know if that's of any help but it's possible.
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Re: FI light and stalling diagnosed by dealer as PGM-FI failure

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In all the years I've been messing with vehicle computer modules I've very seldom seen a bad one that just decided to puke a bunch of codes by itself.
Its always been a external problem.Many times a local shop will just replace the module and call it good...Charging the appropriate price only to have it fail again....Then with much more costly diagnosis finding the cause...
I'm not saying that your module is OK ...only that there may be a cause for these codes.
Personally I'd be tempted to reset the computer first(disconnecting the battery) and see if it runs again...I assume all the codes would be cleared but will show up again...This is when it would interest me.
The cause of the many codes....
I did experience this problem your having but in a vehicle...Same type of trouble...Check engine light on then off...alarm system activating...intermittent poor running...
Reading the computer said it had a bad sensor..then other sensor bad.egr sensor bad.The sensors were fine..
The good part...I measured the voltage feeding the computer..just fine...I checked the alternator charge rate...perfect....battery load tested ok....I used an oscilloscope across the battery terminals expecting to see a flat DC voltage...Well it was except it also had a enormous amount of voltage spikes riding on it...A lot of them...It looked just like a ragged comb....These voltage spikes were generated by the alternator and ending up all over the computer wiring as well..Silly computer looked at the spikes on the wiring and translated it to random sensor errors..I replaced the alternator and looked at a near perfect flat DC line on the battery....The codes never module needed.
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Sooo....just a note to ponder.....Don't let them charge you for parts that don't FIX the problem.

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