My ACC goes dead

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My ACC goes dead

Post by daviswe »

NEVER MIND!!! It was just a fuse. Yeah, I am a pessimistic person with tech!



Got up this morning and found that when I put the bike in ACC, the bike goes complete dead. On and off are fine. I am hoping there is a cable or a fuse that controls this, but I have not seen any such. If so, it's probably under the seat!

It is a bad time too, I am working on a new product, and my bike is only able to use "ON", but I really need that ACC so I can work on my new stuff while using an off bike battery/Tender...

I am usually the one giving info our here (Ed at EdSets).

Thanks for any ideas...


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Re: My ACC goes dead

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Well, Ed, there is still the question floating around in my mind any time a fuse decides to give up..........What caused the fuse to blow? They don't just melt on their own, so keep an eye out for something that could cause a heavy load or a short somewhere. Don't just pass it off as "one of those things".
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