03 GL1800 Antifreeze Drip

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03 GL1800 Antifreeze Drip

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I'm sure this has been covered and I have read a few posts related to it but wanted to get some input on my issue, I noticed a faint antifreeze smell from my wing when riding it but I never found a leak at all it has been parked in the garage and not started for about a month and just a few days ago I noticed an antifreeze puddle a decent sized one I cleaned it up and looked under the bike and found a small amount of coolant on the bottom of the tranny I wiped it up and it just has a small drip now. I've read that the hoses can come loose I'm cooler weather and when it cools they can leak, now has any one else had their bike do this? I looked under the right pocket and took the coolant cap off and looked inside and didn't see any antifreeze but as a new Goldwing owner I have no clue how to check the coolant level or what type of coolant to use back in it, I'd really like to know we plan on riding it tomorrow and I'd like to know how to check the coolant level and what type of coolant to use I do know that it leaked green coolant​ but want to know the correct type to put back into it and where to put it in. I apologize for being green on the issue but I love this bike and I really don't want to damage it in any way. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks in Advance

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Re: 03 GL1800 Antifreeze Drip

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A common problem area is the "y" pipe at the rear of the engine. You have to remove the fuel tank to get to it.
You have to use silicate free anti freeze. Peak 50-50 long life is one.
To check the anti freeze, remove the left side black engine cover. The overflow tank is there. You will see the dipstick. You can try to add til it shows on the hashmarks, then run the engine til hot and let it cool. Check again. The system should suck the fluid into the system.
The radiator cap is located under the right side faring pocket. You will have to remove the pocket to get to it.
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