Headlight bulb adapter

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Headlight bulb adapter

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I had a recent problem with a headlight that may help someone else with the same problem. I could wiggle the connector and and the bulb would go off and on. I even managed to reach up and remove squeeze the terminals of the connector a little tighter with a small screwdriver but the problem persisted. I called my local dealer as the bike is still under warranty and he said said I would have to leave it a week and run tests and even then it may not be covered under warranty. I told him I knew it the problem was in the connector that plugs onto the back of the adapter. Still insisted it would need to be left for a week, take it all apart, run tests, etc. I decided to take another look at it and it was not the plug but the adapter that the bulb plugs into. I could see where there had been a short and the plastic melted a little. The metal terminals had got loose and not making connection with the bulb. This could have probably caused bigger problems eventually. I was able to squeeze the terminals tighter and it worked fine. Still I ordered a replacement from amazon for about $6 bucks. Maybe this will help someone in the future.

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Re: Headlight bulb adapter

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What you can ask for at the auto parts store is a Dorman 645-540
It is used in a bunch of Mazdas.
Quick and costs less than the Honda part.
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