noise in intercom

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noise in intercom

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The wife and I seem to have a lot of noise in the intercom, I can see a little bit, but this seems extreme. As soon as you start the bike up it is there, how much worst it gets with engine speed and highway speed, I couldn't tell. We met some goldwing trike riders about a week ago and I asked them if they had a lot of noise and they said no. Any ideas what the problem may be and how to fix it.


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Re: noise in intercom

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One test to try is to have the bike "on" but not running, intercom on and the radio off and then knock on the top of the radio. Can you hear the knocking in your headset? Don't laugh, it's a common phenomenon called (I believe) "microphonics", whereas the vibrations are somehow amplified electronically through the radio chassis and amplified to the intercom. I had that problem, and riding the freeway with the intercom on was deafening.
If you have this problem, send and email to Larry at WINGCONNECT.COM and explain your symptoms. Larry is the Goldwing (GL1800) radio Guru and services them and turn around time is a couple of days......5 Stars!
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