Front Wheel/fork Judder when cornering

Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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Front Wheel/fork Judder when cornering

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I have just bought a GL1800A-6 2006, 10,400 miles on the clock and I am getting a Judder when going round roundabouts or tight bends if the surface is a little uneven, It did not do it on the test drive also got a hell of a clatter from the rear as if the shockers are gone, they appear to be OK, I do not get any wobble on dual carriageways even holding bars with one hand or anything else, I have read somewhere probably on here that a wobble is quite normal, it appears as if the forks are twisting under load.

Any ideas what it might be, I see fork braces are available would one of these cure it?

My cheap Chinese 650 is as smooth as silk compared with the wing.

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Re: Front Wheel/fork Judder when cornering

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Check the air pressure in the tires Take the front up to about 40PSI and the rear to 41.. Also check to see if the tires are cupping.
Also, remember that this is a big and heavy bike.
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