GL1800 Motor trike affected badly by wind

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Henry Russell
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GL1800 Motor trike affected badly by wind

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Bought a 2004 GL1800 with Motor Trike conversation l year ago. Trike had 24000 miles and mechanically in great shape. Trike is equipped with extra tall windshield. This trike gets blown all over road in the wind. My question is this normal for GL1800 trikes or could the tall windshield be partly to blame?

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Re: GL1800 Motor trike affected badly by wind

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I would have to say that trikes are more prone to be blown around than 2 wheel bike are. I have a road smith trike and on windy days it does get blown sideways. The windier it is can wear you out keeping it going straight.the crown in the road is a factor also.on dead calm days the more crown in the road will effect the bike. How much air pressure are you running in rear tires? I run 26 in left tire and 23-24 in right side. Those 2lbs do make a difference. Do you keep to the left of your lane when riding? A lot of variables will affect a trike that 2 wheels aren't bothered by. " excessive " crown, ruts in your lane, tar snakes will affect your trike. We have been having some very windy days around here with winds over 20-25 mph with gusts over 30. Add cross wind to that mix and it can get hairy controlling your trike.

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Re: GL1800 Motor trike affected badly by wind

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I see little difference in wind effect between two wheels and three wheels, except that when a three wheel is "moved" by the wind it seems to require a bit more effort to recover. Before I triked my RSV I rode back from Jasper, TN to Rockwood, TN on a clear but extremely windy day and that big Venture was noticeably moved around by the wind. As a trike it (the RSV or my current GL1800 MotorTrike) does not get shoved much but it is tiring to me and my passenger in windy conditions.
I also see no logic in differing PSI in the two rear tires. If all roads were perfectly flat, level, no curves and the camber was the same over all the roads then possibly it might help. I have tried it and found no difference. I have acquaintances/friends who swear it makes a difference and to them and their perceptions it probably does. To each his own.
JFI I run 40psi front and 30psi in the rear. I used to run 20-24psi rear but I like a slightly stiffer ride.
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