Photos of burnt wiring

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Photos of burnt wiring

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These are the pictures of the burnt wires that I previously sent a topic about.
Any help will be appreciated. Have any of you guys seen this happen before?
Looking to buy parts to repair and possible cause of damage.


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Re: Photos of burnt wiring

Post by virgilmobile »

Sorry I can't help much from here but I think you already answered one of your questions...The cause...corrosion...Anything but a clean tight mechanical contact will cause this problem.Corrosion leads to resistance...when current flows some of it is slowed down by the is released there like a heating element...the more it continues,the further it spreads...It probably started on just one connection and then spread.
As far as repair...There's 2 choices...Replace the entire harness affected and everything they the burnt wires were connected to or pick one wire at a time...cut it back and replace it and its connector/part it hooks to.
One wire at a part at a time...then check the rest of the connections for corrosion.
Either way,there's many hours needed.
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