Green Cruise Control Light Flashing on 2008 GL1800

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Green Cruise Control Light Flashing on 2008 GL1800

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The green cruise control light on my 2008 GL1800 flashes continually, and I cannot engage the cruise control.
The cruise ready light (amber) stays on..... but the other one flashes.
Can anyone Help please ......
Steve in Australia :( :(

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Re: Green Cruise Control Light Flashing on 2008 GL1800

Post by Davek80514 »

This information was found from a post on another board.

IIRC, this is an issue with the actuator not reporting to the system as fully functional. The cruise module doesn't see the actuator as being "happy". This is a "Fail Safe" mode and is likely discussed in the NOTES area of the ETM.

The green "set" lamp is controlled by the reverse/cruise module as a switched ground to the lamp socket.

If there has been work done recently (especially and air cleaner change) then looking for a loose connector may improve your situation, as will a prophylactic removal / inspection / re-installation of the related fuses and relays including grounds and battery connections -- just to assure that things are not blown or dirty.

Also, there is a sort of memory in the cruise module that has been discussed that can be 'cleared' by pressing the "Set" and "Resume" switches at the same time (with the "Cruise ON"). that should wipe any odd stuff outta the box, but likely will not impact your flashing light.

The fail safe is tested whenever the bike is above ~16mph AND the 'Cruise ON' is illuminated. But the system does other checks below those speeds and when you attempt to set a cruise speed... so it'll be relevant to know when the light begins to blink:

1. when the cruise is ON and bike is not in motion??
2. when cruise is ON and the bike is moving faster than about 16mph??
3. when the cruise is on and you're moving faster than about 36mph and you're trying to set a cruise speed ?? ... light.html
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Re: Green Cruise Control Light Flashing on 2008 GL1800

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Try setting while in 4th or 5th gear, above 30mph and pushing the clutch/brake levers forward. It might be just that easy to isolate the source. The clutch lever bearing wears faster than the brake lever, but each has a switch that may not be closing to enable/disable cruise. I find the simple things are very common. Foot brake has a witch also, but never heard anyone wear out that lever! Mine was the clutch lever bushing and I replaced it with a kit from one of our sponsor's. May just need to clean-out some road grime also in the lever hinge areas.
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