GL 1800 starter problems

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GL 1800 starter problems

Post by Squeak »

a couple of times last year after a fairly long hot ride, when I went to start my bike back up nothing happens. turn key on, dash and everything comes on, push starter button.....lights and everything go out but nothing happens. No clicking, starter noises, NOTHING. Ended up pushing bike and popping the clutch to start. A couple of times recently it has done the same thing again BUT it was cool and just starting out, I keep hitting the starter button and it finally catches. Anyone have suggestions, of course it does not do it when you run it by the mechanic.

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Re: GL 1800 starter problems

Post by Viking »

You could try spraying some contact cleaner in the switch while repeatedly pressing it in and letting it pop out. Ultimately, you will probably need to take it apart to clean it, minding the tiny springs that might pop out and disappear. The alternative is to change out the entire right control pod. And then again, this may not be the problem. Just a guess on my part.
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Re: GL 1800 starter problems

Post by WingAdmin »

Yup, sure sounds like a dirty starter switch to me. Contact cleaner (NOT WD-40, I use CRC which is a high-quality contact cleaner, perhaps some De-Oxit if it's really bad.
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Re: GL 1800 starter problems

Post by Red Ron »

First of all: Are you tryin to start it in gear while holding in the clutch? If so shift to neutral and see if it starts. If so it is almost certainly the micro contact in the clutch lever. Spray them clean with dielectric cleaner. I have had to do it every so often on both wings I have owned. I frequently ride between KY and FL and if I go through rain storms gunk washes up in there and I have to clean it.
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Re: GL 1800 starter problems

Post by Steve F »

Tighten the battery terminals too.

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