Removing 2012GL-1800 Radiator/Fan assy's

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Removing 2012GL-1800 Radiator/Fan assy's

Post by CtR5491 »

I bought a 2012 Gold Wing with a Motor Trike kit.

The Trike ran fine, but started to overheat. I discovered the left fan was not working.
I have been disassembling the Wing using The Honda Service manual for the 2012 model.
I have taken off about 20 body panels and disconnected about 15-20 wiring junctions.
After all of this, I am still nowhere near removing the radiator. I am stuck at the point in the manual
where is says to remove two bolts on the rear edge of the front fairing. There are no bolts where the
manual describes.
In addition, the manual says after removing these mysterious bolt simply slide the Front fairing
forward and place it on a smooth surface. The fairing looks like it is trapped by the Instrument panel/
gauge cluster. The manual does not make any mention of removing the windshield and/or the gauge
I have been at this for about 6 days. I do not understand the purpose of vague or incomplete
instructions, or having to disassemble this many parts to service a radiator/fan.
Does anyone out there know of a web site, other publications, or any advice to help me through
this nightmare??

Thanks very much,
Asheville, NC

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Re: Removing 2012GL-1800 Radiator/Fan assy's

Post by waituntilthebeep »

I just went through a MAJOR teardown of the fairing on my 2012 due to an accident way back when. I had to strip the fairing assy down to it's unmentionables and was still probably 2 or 3 steps away from the radiators and fans. I really wish I had taken lots of video and pics of that for ya but after spending so many hours taking it apart, I gave up on documenting it because it would have been a 10 hour video. I believe that to remove the radiator(s), you have to AT LEAST remove the cowl (fairing) side covers - they cover the radiators and are a 2 piece item. Unfortunately, to remove them, you have to pull the windshield garnish and windshield. I think the dash panel and guage set has to come off as well as many of the screws to release the cowl panels are UNDER the dash piece. From memory, I would say that the bike is assembled from the bottom up which means that everything above what you are trying to get to has to come off.

i DID do some video stuff on it before throwing in the towel YouTube wise. I'll post that below. The best view of the only radiator I had exposed is about 4:20 - 4:35ish. That was with removing the entire side cowl piece and dash stuff. It wasn't terrible but was really time consuming. I did get the whole thing back on the road and I only had 4 extra screws. I take that as a win when I had about 80 to start with and I took them off over 3 week period of time. I believe I know where they came from but they are not going back in... cuz that would mean that I would be back in the bowels of 'er.

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