gauges , tilights, turn signals not working

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gauges , tilights, turn signals not working

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I changed the battery and now my gauges, my tail lights and my turn signals are not working. Replaced fuse 5. Any suggestions?

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Re: gauges , tilights, turn signals not working

Post by Viking »

Disconnect your battery, beginning with the negative post. Then the positive post. Check the surface of each connector and the battery posts to ensure you have no corrosion on either side. Put a meter on the battery to ensure it is at least 12.7 sitting. Then reconnect positive post, making sure it is tight, and finally reconnect the negative post and make sure it is tight. See if that helps. Now start the bike and check the voltage immediately. It should be between 13.7 and perhaps 14.3. That done, you have checked the battery, the connections and the charging system. If none of this happens to also remedy the problems you have described, then you likely have a problem that could be ground connections. These are really tough to track down, but a wire from the negative post of the battery to the frame of the bike should show you if that is the problem. If that wire clears up the problem in any of your items, then you likely have ground problems.
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