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cruise control

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I have a problem with my cruise control that is perplexing. I drive 41 miles each day to a golf course. All but 1 1/2 mile is on a freeway. I use the cruise all the way. Lately I am having trouble setting the cruise or getting "resume" to work, however, it is only on the return portion of the trip. When I leave home the temp is about 55-65 degrees and the cruise "set" works first try. When I finish playing golf the temp will be 80-85 degrees. When I attempt to set the cruise, I have to hit "set" 4 or 5 times before the green lite on dash comes on and it may go off in 50 to 100 feet. I reset sometimes 3 or 4 times before it stays on. Also, same problem if I need to use resume after slowing in traffic. I push the brake and clutch levers back away from the handlebars but does not help. 2 or 3 times on the 40 miles back the cruise will just quit, like I had hit the brake. Then I have to hit "resume" 2 or 3 times to get it back going. The next morning the cruise works like a new bike. This is a 2006 GL1800 with 49k miles.
Any suggestions????

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Re: cruise control

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Problem could be in the switches in the brake levers and the clutch and maybe the throttle cables setting. If there's a break in any of these circuits, the cruise can be problematic. I'd start with the switch in the foot pedal and go from there. That switch sees a lot of dirt and moisture and can flake out. I've had problems with the cruise switch in the hand brake lever area and a simple and cheap switch replacement fixed it. Also change out the brake light switch at the same time while you're in there.
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