Audio Problems

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Audio Problems

Post by seabeechief »

Guys, I am just about at the end of my rope. I have been chasing this audio problem for five years and almost $2k. The audio cuts out from one side of my helmet to the other, and from one side of the speakers to the other...seemingly at random. It can happen when cruising down the freeway, when riding in downtown traffic, or sometimes just sitting still at a stop light. I THINK it is confined to the "aux" channel, as it misbehaves only on my satellite radio and my MP3 player, both of which use the "aux" channel. I have purchased and installed a new satellite radio and cradle.

I need a GOLDWING AUDIO EXPERT, who is capable and willing to find the problem and correct it. I cannot do it. I am willing to pay for the service, but I have to tell you, I am weary of spending money and being told (a) we couldn't duplicate the problem or (b) we think we have it fixed. I need someone who CAN and WILL fix it.

I would love to have someone in the Austin/San Antonio area to take my bike to. But I will consider just about any place in Texas. Louisiana, Arkansas and New Mexico is not out of the question, but there would be some serious ground rules if I have to take that far.

I need some help, guys.


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Re: Audio Problems

Post by Viking »

Chief, the aux you speak of, is it the plug in your left glove pocket? Have you tried obtaining a new plug wire and replacing that one? It is the only thing I can think of that easily breaks down and then does not work correctly, so if you have not tried that, you might could. RCA plugs do work well when they work, but they break down pretty easily and then make poor to no contact.
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