Front Speaker wiring harness

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Front Speaker wiring harness

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Hello all - I have a 2004 Honda Goldwing and I want to connect the front speakers to my amp. My question is does the front speaker wiring located in harness under the seat? if so, where is the harness and color wires. Or are the front speaker wires connect directly to the radio? What is the best route to run front speaker wire to the trunk where the amp is located? Any information is appreciated. This is eating my lunch. :D

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Re: Front Speaker wiring harness

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I assume you have installed a aftermarket amp, if so you might as well run some decent quality speaker cable from each speaker to your amp. Take off the instrument panel cover and tank cover. Run cable from the LF speaker to the RF speaker, then just follow the main loom down to and along the frame and under the seat. Follow the CD changer loom through the bottom of the top box if you have one, if not cut a hole and use a rubber grommet.
Disconnect the existing speaker wires from the speakers, tape them and tuck them out the way.
I have all mine in the boot, and I used the CD changer space in the top box for a low profile 600W subwoofer. I have a pair of bass ports to fit still. It amazes and bewilderes people where all the sound comes from.

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