More Lights than EVER ! LEDs light the way

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More Lights than EVER ! LEDs light the way

Post by Wingsconsin »

Recently I did a massive upgrade to my forward facing lights (headlights included)
AS I ride in the fall - in the dark - in Wisconsin with deer everywhere -
I felt the desire to have a LOT of forward facing lights -
SO -
I changed my headlamps (low & high) to LEDs from Electrical Connections -
Added the undercowl bracket from Rivco with Superbrightleds 10 watt 10 degree beam Aux work lights
and bought the SoCal Mirror mounts for lights and used the Superbrightleds 30 degree 10 Watt Aux lights

All added lights are driven via a switch and relay - ;)
The mirror mounted Aux lights come on with the HIGH beams - I tapped into power from the lower cowl LEDs to activate the relay
My desire is to add light - save power - so I can use my heated gear at night in the cold fall weather and still have great visibility --

It worked ! - I made a couple of simple videos with my phone and loaded them up to You Tube - hope you enjoy this.

The set-up

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The results

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