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TPMS Question

Post by Overbyte »

Hello All,
I have a TPMS question regarding my 2014 GL1800/A, 3,000 miles. This issue began just recently:
After cold start up, the TPMS warning light flashes (1 second period) for about 10+ miles then goes out.
On warm start up, no warning light.
I have checked tire pressures, OK. No other obvious problems.
If this is normal, why didn't it do if for the first 2,900 miles.
Thank you in advance for your collective wisdom.

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Re: TPMS Question

Post by Coop19742 »

So the same thing happens to me in the winter months and this is what I think is happening. First I have a lot of tire pressure gauges and each one reads tire pressure differently. Some are a few PSI off when compared to others. If you are using one that under reads psi, cold tires can actually be under inflated until the tires heat up from riding. When you fill the tires with air during the day and the air in tires and compressor tank is warmer than night temps, you are not inflating tire at it's coldest (lowest psi) temp. At night the temp drops from bike being outside or stored in unheated garage. In both cases the colder temps cause the air in tires to compress and drop pressure causing the TPMS light to come on. If you go out on a real cold day and let bike sit outside for an hour or two (long lunch) the same thing can happen especially if there is a big temp drop from say garage to outside. Once you start riding the bike, friction heats up tire air and light goes out. Two things you can do to prevent this; 1. let tires cool to outside air you are going to ride in and top air off then (usually in the morning). 2. overfill tires by a few pounds during the day and recheck them in morning after cooling off. I now have FOBO TPMS on valves of tires and use my cell phone to see pressure in tires. Makes it much easier to manage proper air inflation.
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