Trunk Lid Accessory Socket

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Trunk Lid Accessory Socket

Post by vistamandan »

I have Two Goldwings and want to put an accessory Socket 0n the inside of the trunk lid. I have one on one of the Goldwings and want another for the other. I just can't remember where I got the first one. I can't seem to find one that look the same. It was very easy to hook up. I wish I could remember the name but it has been since 2004 that I put it in. Thanks

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Re: Trunk Lid Accessory Socket

Post by Viking »

Might this be it? ... _plug/6355

And if not, you could go through 5 pages of trunk lid accessories here: (but they are not all trunk lid accessories, I guess, after I got looking at them) ... t&n=598500
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Re: Trunk Lid Accessory Socket

Post by AZgl1800 »

If you want the SAE two wire connector/plug style, just like is used for trailer lights, etc....

Check this one out. It uses a round hole mounting, is threaded and has a nut on the back side of the panel surface. It is weather proof, I have one, and like it for power type wiring. ... ingdocs-20

Create a weatherproof bulkhead/panel mount SAE power point.

Rubber expander bushing secures the connector in the hole.


Industry standard 2-pole SAE connectors.

Cable rated at 10A max.

-40C/-40F very low temperature use; remains flexible at below freezing temperatures.

Includes in-line rubber seal for OptiMate heavy duty SAE connector.

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Re: Trunk Lid Accessory Socket

Post by topgun »

I picked up a power outlet/dual usb unit at Wal-Mart
Wired to battery thru an accessory controlled relay under the CB lid.
Located in the corner above the side divider.

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Re: Trunk Lid Accessory Socket

Post by MikeB »

I went to the local department store and picked up a two socket splitter like this one:

I cut off the male side and then I had two sockets.

I soldered the appropriate length of wire, also called Zip cord, to the sockets. I ran the wire through a hole in the trunk to my aftermarket fuse panel and attached the positive side thru a 15 amp fuse and the negative side to ground.

I now had an easily accessible socket to plug in what ever I wanted and when it was not in use, it was tucked out of the way with the cover over the open end.

This splitter is available on Amazon. Do a search for Custom Accessories 18809 12V Twin Socket Splitter with Cap. It is under $10.

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