Starting issue '01 GL1800A

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Starting issue '01 GL1800A

Post by Kellyk »

Starter relay replaced, all fuses good, battery good, reverse is off, kill switch is also off......but doesn't want to turn over. I can't seem to find the Starter Solenoid and nothing in my manual or on the internet is of any help as to where it is.....Is this one of those things where pretty much the whole bike has everything removed in order to get at it? Does anyone know of a link or have one that is of some help to me? Thanks, been almost 2 months of waiting for parts and getting the wrong ones shipped to me that I am starting to suffer from PBS!

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Re: Starting issue '01 GL1800A

Post by AZgl1800 »

you don't say what the battery voltage is when it won't start?

I have a voltmeter on the panel of my bike, and when it gets down to around 10.5 volts, the ECM refuses to engage the starter.

IIRC, the starter solenoid is behind the battery.

I don't have a picture of that, sorry.


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Re: Starting issue '01 GL1800A

Post by Kurt J »

Follow the pos battery wire from the battery to the relay behind the Battery. If you have checked everything and think every thing is good and the battery voltage is up around 12,2 to 12.5 then try jumping the relay. Turn the key on in the running position and cross the relay terms....the bike should start if the starter is good. Also re check the kill switch and the kick stand switch to make sure they work right. Those too switches will keep the bike from starting. Crossing the relay will tell you if the starter is working

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Re: Starting issue '01 GL1800A

Post by PastoT »

If your starter is not spinning and you've already checked the typical disabling switches (kill, clutch, and your in neutral), it might be the start button is dirty/gummed up or as you seem to suspect the Starter A & B relays. My start button got gummed up and stuck in the start position a couple times and the relays melted down, the starter ran for like 25 minutes but survived. First I'd try to hose out the starter switch with CRC (contact cleaner). If you press the start button and do not hear two significant clicks behind the upper forward left saddle bag corner then it is likely a starter relay is bad, perhaps both. The link below is worth a read and it has a lot of trouble shooting info tied in from many knowledgeable GL1800 wrenches. ... -spin.html

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