Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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During my attempt to install a lowering kit on my 2005 GL1800, I came across a problem. What was supposed to take two hours ended up being two days. Problem was to get to one of the four bolts mounting the shock mounting bracket. I was going to have to lower the exhaust manifold on both sides. That is an easy job once the two front engine cover and cowling is off, both engine guards are off and both manifold covers are off.

Eleven of the chrome exhaust nuts came off with ease. The right front inside nut was frozen on the stud and the attempt to get it off broke the stud. Luckily 1/4 inch of it was still sticking out of the head.

I purchased from Sears a kit (LISLE Stuck Bolt, Nut & Stud Remover, Part number 19250). The kit consists of six socket looking tools of different sizes. To use it, I selected the second to smallest size and hammered it onto the stud. I did a lot of hammering to be sure the teeth would grip the stud securely. I started the bike to get the engine up to normal temperature. Then with a socket wrench, I worked the stud back and forth slowly working it out. It unscrews like a bolt. Viola!! It came out easily. The key is a hot engine and working the stud back and forth, unscrew a bit and work it some more. The new stud went in easy. I used the same tool to put the new stud back in.

Note: Running the engine to operating temperature is also a key to getting a stuburn spark plug loose and out.

Terry Dill
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When you order in a new stud, don't forget to order in new gaskets #3. Also, once the exhaust shields are removed, often some of parts 4 and 5 need replaced too. The rubbers often tear and the green washers separate. When reinstalling, I spray the rubber cushions with a soapy water solution. ... /muffler-1
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Lots of penetrating oil, patience, and heat differential, as you mentioned. You can get the engine up to temperature, and further help by putting ice on the stud. The engine expands from the heat, the stud contracts from the cold, and you have a better chance of getting it out in one piece as a result.
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