LED Tail light and Turn Signal bulbs

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LED Tail light and Turn Signal bulbs

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Ok, I am very happy with the change I made to my rear lights. I have replaced all of the running lights, brake lights and turn signal bulbs with super bright LED bulbs for the turn signal (these have built in resistors so that it illuminates the hyper flash) these were purchased from Siriusled.com The tail light and brake light LEDs are the iBrightstar 9-30V, these are dual and take care of the tail light and the brake light. Took longer to pull the tail light assembly out then it did to replace the old with the new LEDs (about 30 minutes, make sure you get all the wiring back in where it came from in order to get the assembly back in and tightened down). The out come of all of this is amazing, the turn signal flashers look like miniature suns flashing and the tail and brakes lights are at least tice as bright. There should be no reason for anyone not to see me from behind. While I was doing this I also installed the back off flasher to the third brake light, which is worth the money spent. I am more then happy with he results and the cost was less then 100 $ for the LEDs and the back-off flasher was 60$.

I checked with our local Honda Dealer tech and he said that the hyper flash won't hurt anything on the wing but the flash pattern that is set on the wing (and all vehicles) are a rate that has been determined to be the optimum flash pattern for the human brain to process for a flashing light. If you don't get the LEDs with built in flasher, and you want to keep the flash pattern the same, then you have to purchase a LED flasher to replace the normal flasher (which is buried in front of the gas tank and under the dash, major tear down to get to it, the other option is to install inline resistors which I didn't want to do either) The LEDs with built in resistors works awesome.

Everyone that has seen them have all commented "WOW" those are great and that is what they need to do.

The main reason I did this is because everything that happens in front of me I have some control over, not all but hopefully I can react to those idiots in time. It's the idiots behind you that for the most part you are at their mercy to be paying attention to what is in front of them (NOT their I-Phone).

Keep on Winging


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