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Posted: Thu Apr 05, 2018 2:48 pm
by freedomrunner
Good day all,

We are returning Wingers. We bought a new 1800 back in 2004, kept it for four years and sold it with almost 90,000 on the odometer. We have been away from riding for ten years now, and out of touch, but just recently purchased a 2008. I've been busy breaking the bike down, cleaning, inspecting and basically making sure the wing is ready to hit the streets. One of the issues that I am looking at now is the intercom/radio/CB system. I remember back in 04, we had the springy cables to connect between the helmet and bike, but loved being able to chat and hear while enjoying the road and twisties. Now it is 2018 and I am sure there are new products on the market and am interested in what folks have found that provides good sound, low background noise but still allows us to chat without yelling and hear the tunes.

Thank you

Re: Intercom/Radio

Posted: Thu Apr 05, 2018 3:37 pm
by Steve F
Are you thinking about going wireless or sticking with the cables? I don't have any experience with the wireless or Bluetooth, but I do have the wired headsets from EDSETS. I got the high-end system with the THUNDERCLAP speakers, and I'm very pleased with them. If you get the microphones that mount to the helmet chin bar, don't forget to add the Velcro covers to keep the wind noise out....they're a MUST since they're very sensitive. EDSETS are not cheap, but well worth it. I had J&M and others and these are the tops in wired systems.

Re: Intercom/Radio

Posted: Thu Apr 05, 2018 8:20 pm
by freedomrunner
thanks for the info. Haven't really decide one way of the other on wireless v wired. will definately keep this product on my short list.

Re: Intercom/Radio

Posted: Mon Apr 09, 2018 2:53 pm
by PastoT
A new twist to your question is the year Goldwing you are purchasing. The 2018 is wireless only, until an aftermarket wired system is introduced. 2001-2017 are native wired with the pigtails available to plug into, if you have wired helmets or install wired headsets that would likely be the least expensive course. If you desire wireless communication there are multiple producers of such rechargeable hardware. I use 2 SENA 10S headsets and 2 Freewire dongles for the bike's wired pigtails and am very happy up to about 10 hours when charging is a must. They are costly but I can use the CB, Intercom and hear everything I've connected to the bikes audio system. I use the bike's intercom circuit for additional scanner/GPS audio input, but with it on there is no reason to use the intercom feature built into the 10S headsets. Its a pricey but fool proof set-up. I've chosen to power the Freewire dongles from the bike (they automatically power up with the key turned on) and if needed on long runs I have a long USB charging cable for my headset. The headseats will also Bluetooth to your phone(s) and have FM radio built it. The speakers have improved over the earlier headset version as well. SENA also has a dual BT transmitter that only connects two helmets to the bikes audio output ,l its a cheaper solution but you can't talk to the bike so CB is not available with it. They've worked flawless for me. Surely others will chime in with their favorite choices.