Footpegs for 1800

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Footpegs for 1800

Post by loopy »

I have a 2003 1800 and wish to install footpegs.

In Australia the Kuryakyn Ergo 11 footpegs are very expensive.

Would appreciate any info on kuryakyn or other brands please.

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Re: Footpegs for 1800

Post by barnawi » ... B003Y8RC6U
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Re: Footpegs for 1800

Post by tamathumper »

I've been researching these for a couple weeks - the Kuryakyn brand seems to get universal condemnation for cheap/poor chrome that pits and flakes off, so I'm avoiding those.

The Mico pegs are pretty expensive, so I'm hoping to find something new or used in between the two both quality and price wise.
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Re: Footpegs for 1800

Post by DaveO430 »

Mic-O-pegs are worth every penny once you try them and get a set that fits you. The come in several configurations so sometimes you have to send the arms back and try something else. Don't think that would work out well in Australia. When I decided to order some I set the bike on the center stand and set a jack stand on each side and adjusted them to where I wanted them to be, called them and told them where I wanted them to be when my feet were on them. Worked out perfect. They are not made out of pot metal and cheap chrome, they are stainless steel.

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