Things to check on used bike with low miles

Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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Things to check on used bike with low miles

Post by hockeyref10 »

A friend is looking at a 2006 GL1800 with 6000 miles on it. Is there anything he should be cautious of with this low of mileage. If the bike sat for too long without running are there potential problems

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Re: Things to check on used bike with low miles

Post by keithg64 »

There is always potential problems with a bike that sits. Clutch and brakes not working because of it being stuck or gumed up and old fluid. Mice in air filter. Tires out dated. Old fuel in plugged injectors. The list can go on. I have used this to my advantage. Although the list can be extensive, there is nothing that can't be fixed.
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Re: Things to check on used bike with low miles

Post by Viking »

If the price is right, I would love to have your buddy's problem. Drain the fuel, change the air filter, fire her up if she has oil and heat the oil up. Drain it, replace with new and a new oil filter. Flush the front and rear brakes, flush the clutch and coolant, change the tires and you got yourself a brand new bike.
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Re: Things to check on used bike with low miles

Post by mterraci »

I bought a 2007 Goldwing with 17000 miles in 2017. It had lived indoors and was well cared for.

Runs like a brand new machine! No problems so far (I've put 8000 additional miles on it the first year).

Also, bring the VIN number to the local Honda dealer and make certain the rear brake recall has been done.
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Re: Things to check on used bike with low miles

Post by GoldWingrGreg »

Remove the fuel cap and verify that there is no rust in the filler neck. If so, your repair bill could be just shy of $4000.

If it starts and runs, is their any noticeable snapping (like a plug wire) or knocking when it turns over or at anytime while running. That repair is in the $2,000-3,000 range.

With a Wing of that age and such low mileage, there can also be rust in the cylinder walls.

Below are some pictures of 2 GL1800 that sat for over 2 years. One is a 2005 with 13,000 on the ODM and the other is a 2009 with 31,000 miles.

One thing that's very true about GL1800s, they like to be rode, and they store well, but only when the "long term" storage instructions are followed in the Owner's Manual.

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