All injector codes flashing

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All injector codes flashing

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All fi codes for the injectors are flashing bike will start intermittently. Ie..once out of 100 cranks. Honda shop around me is stumped. Do you guys have any ideas. I’m thinking ecm but hopefully not. 2003 GL1800

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Re: All injector codes flashing

Post by GoldWingrGreg »

Here are some things to watch and listen for and to check for that will help diagnose your issue. It's important that you learn to do this. First, the FI light. When the key is turned on, the FI light should come on for a few seconds and then go out. Next is the fuel pump. Listen when the key is turned on, you will quietly hear the fuel pump cycle on and off under the seat for 2-3 seconds. When it does not start, is the above occurring or not ??? Does the FI light stay on and not go out ??? Do you hear the fuel pump cycle ???

Things to check:
- are the battery connections clean and does the battery have good health ???
- are all the relays in the relay box OEM ??? Do any appear to have been replaced ???
- verify that the blue splice connection near the relay box does does not show signs of corruption, or burn marks.

Remove it's cap to inspect. Depending on the years I believe it's either called c-5 or c-25. The blue-caped-splice-connecter is either tapped up in the harness just under the fuse panel or it is hanging outside the harness. To help locate it ... the relay box has 3-4 panels that makeup the box. The panels are different colors. One panel is blue. The splice connector that you are looking for will be associated to the blue panel's harness.

All FI codes being thrown can be associated to low voltage.

Are the 6 injector codes stored, or are they being retrieved when it is not starting and the side stand is down ???
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