2015 GL1800 right fairing cover

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2015 GL1800 right fairing cover

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I am new to this bike, to Goldwings in general, and want to get the right side "pocket cover" off. My manual says there is no pocket under the cover but I want to see what is there before I start drilling screws through it. Being leery of prying on plastic I thought I would ask how to get it off before I break something.

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Re: 2015 GL1800 right fairing cover

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Re: 2015 GL1800 right fairing cover

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welcome to the forum.

You are correct, there is no pocket under that cover. Getting the cover off is not too hard. There is a little bit of clearance underneath so if you are looking at bolting something to that cover, go ahead and pull it off and take a look.

The L shaped piece starts at the bottom of the matte black panel and goes up along the outside edge. It snaps on. Pull the bottom straight towards the rear first and then work you way up the side pulling toward the outside of the bike. This will expose a couple socket head screws.

Check this video starting at about 6:38:

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Be careful when drilling holes. The plastic is kind of brittle. Slow and easy and tightly clamp the cover to something solid.
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