Oil Filter isn't flush with mount

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Oil Filter isn't flush with mount

Post by goodman4 »

The simplest things get difficult for me sometimes. I always use an OEM Honda filter. I'm not passionate about it like some but whatever. I trust my local Yamaha / Indian place a lot, but the Honda place has been sold and resold and has a bad rep. I do get OEM Honda supplies at the Honda shop, though. I went to get a filter yesterday and found they are out of business.

I have a personal rule that I try not to do maintenance less than a week before a trip so I didn't want to order one. I went and talked to my Yamaha guy and he reminded me that if he changed the oil he would not be using the OEM filter since he isn't a Honda dealer. He easily talked me into a Hiflo H204 filter.

When I put it on it wouldn't hand tighten flush with the mount. I took it back off and looked at the difference. The gasket is larger on the new filter by a lot. Instead of being almost flush with the face of the filter, it is raised. I decided it has to be right and tightened it by hand and finished the oil change. Now I'm nervous about it as we have a 2 week 5,000 mile trip starting next Friday.

I see lots of people use this filter so I can't be the only person with this issue.

My options:
1. Quit stressing and enjoy the trip
2. Put the filter wrench on and tighten the sucker down until it gets flush or a lot flusher at least, hoping that it might come back off next change
3. Get some more oil for another change and drive 30 miles for a filter Saturday and put an OEM back on

I am leaning toward option 2 unless someone with experience advises otherwise.

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Re: Oil Filter isn't flush with mount

Post by Chappie »

Personally I'd go with #3. You're going to have enough on your mind without having that nagging thought every few miles.
Just me, though.
Good Luck
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Re: Oil Filter isn't flush with mount

Post by 823JIM »

I would double check that you got correct # filter. HF204 is the one listed for GL1800 on Wingstuff.
If that is indeed the one you got and it is not leaking, I would go on the trip and forget about it.
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Jim King
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Re: Oil Filter isn't flush with mount

Post by Viking »

The one I would most definitely NOT DO is number 2. An oil filter wrench and tightening that sucker up will ruin it in all probablility. Just leave it alone if it is not leaking, and enjoy your trip. I agree with Jim. Keep an eye on it tho, cause none of us knows how tight hand tightened is for you. Take it for a spin of 20 plus miles and get it good and warm. Then just run your hand across the sealing area and see if there is any oil there. If none, you are good to go.
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Re: Oil Filter isn't flush with mount

Post by M61A1MECH »

A little late to the discussion, but I agree do not do #2, wrenching a filter on can have bad results, you could actually pinch the seal up and cause a leak.

If you get another filter that you are more comfortable with, you should be able to replace it with a minimal amount of oil loss, no need to do another complete change.
Steve K
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Re: Oil Filter isn't flush with mount

Post by GoldWingrGreg »

According to HiFlow you have the correct oil filter.


Make sure it's tight (per Honda 20 ft/lbs), forget about it, and go ride.
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Re: Oil Filter isn't flush with mount

Post by eastkytriker »

Make sure the seal from the old filter didnt stay on the engine when you removed the old filter. Went back and read your post and you already compared the two so seal must be in old filter. I would just get another filter and change it with little oil loss instead of stressing on your whole trip.

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