Tire wear not centered on tire.

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Tire wear not centered on tire.

Post by zeekxxx »

I will post up a picture when I get home from work but last night I noticed I thought the bike was driving down the road with a slight lean to the left.

When I pick up my coffee cup and drink it I notice the bike leans a bit to the left but when I put both hands on the bars it straightens up again.

It was the oddest feeling. I felt it was a few degrees to the left with both hands on the bars. This being a used bike and only personally clocking 1200 miles on it I figured I would ask the group.

What would cause the wear pattern to not be centered? It is about an eighth of an inch to the right of center.

I did read a few posts in this and the pressure is good. I know the last owner did replace the bearings to stop the potential shake at 45mph.

It is a 2006 goldwing with 25000 total miles on it.

I would love to hear your thoughts if you have any ideas or things I can check.


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Re: Tire wear not centered on tire.

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Tires wear faster on the left side. If you do a search you will find pages of discussion/opinions about why. But regardless of why, it's a fact of life on a Goldwing (except perhaps with a Darkside rear but that's a different kettle of fish altogether).

Regarding the lean, yes happens to me all the time. IMHO under normal cruising situations (which is the only time I would reach for a drink) I have a somewhat relaxed grip and I am unconsciously pushing forward ever so slightly on the bars. I do the same in a car. Take one hand off and I unconsciously grab a little harder with the remaining hand giving just a little countersteer and lean a little to compensate.
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Re: Tire wear not centered on tire.

Post by Viking »

I believe, although could be wrong, that the slight wear to the left is caused by the road camber. This is especially true if you run down the interstate a lot. The roads are built to drain water off to the ditch, or right side, so if the bike is standing up straight, the wear on the tire will move to the left.
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