Newbie with a noise?

Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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Newbie with a noise?

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Would like some input/advice. Short bio, I'm not new to gold wings and have been fortunate to have had four 1500's, but new to a 2010 (1800), a gen 3 with 30k miles. I just purchased it about two months ago. I have put about 1,200 miles on it. My routine: start it up and let it warm up at idle. Put helmet on and off we go. Now for the noise issue. I decided to change the oil the other day and started her up to warm up the oil, etc. I increased the rpm after the warm up period to get the oil little hotter. Since I wasn't wearing my helmet I could hear the engine in its natural state. While revving it up and at approximately 2,000 rpm I could hear a distinct noise that sounds like a muffled scraping sound. It sounds like the noise is coming from the left very front lower side. Not a real loud and destructive noise, but enough to get your attention. The bike has an after market chrome timing belt cover and lower cowl. My first thought it was the after market cover maybe misaligned causing belts to rub it. Later I was told the 1800's have timing chains(?), not belts like the 1500's.
I also thought maybe the after market belly pan may be causing or resonating a sound effect, so I removed it. Anyway revving it up and at 2k the noise starts and continues up through the rpms, but starts to fade at approximately 3,200. However the engine is getting louder too. It is hard for me to pin point the noise and able to work the throttle at the same time. After changing the oil the sound is still there. And of course I can't hear it with my helmet on. Is this just the characteristic of a 2018/1800 or ? Any input would be much appreciated and thanks in advance.

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Re: Newbie with a noise?

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I have the same, sounds a bit like chain slap/rattle. Always done it, even after strip down for transmission parts replacement, I ignore it.
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