Kuryakin Iso Grips over OEM Heated

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Kuryakin Iso Grips over OEM Heated

Post by am3098 »

I'm thinking about installing Kuryakyn ISO Grips on my 2008. They make a version meant for heated grips that basically clamp over the OEM grips. I'm just wondering how well of if the heat transfers; do the ISO grips get warm? Also I'm open to suggestions to other aftermarket grips that work with the factory heated grips.

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Re: Kuryakin Iso Grips over OEM Heated

Post by Ghostman »

I didnt like the ISO grips it didnt seem like they didnt bleed heat easily throught the grips. I wound up going to grip puppies as they easily let the heat through as compared to Kuryakyn. With Kurys and the metal grips if you take your hand off they cool off quickly. With the Grip puppies the heat comes through easily and they have about the same diameter as the kurys and they hold the heat better than the Kurys.
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Re: Kuryakin Iso Grips over OEM Heated

Post by keithg64 »

I had the kuryakyn clam shell style on my heated grips when I bought the bike and I am not a fan at all. I went to the grip puppy's also and just love them. I had them on my 1500 that had heated grips also. Better cushion and feel and the heat comes through them fantastically.
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Re: Kuryakin Iso Grips over OEM Heated

Post by Viking »

Yeah, I have to agree with the other two posters about the Kuryakyn ISO grips. They do not heat up well, and cool off easily due to the amount of metal in them. I have them, and as I never use my heated grips or seat, ever, I am fine with them, but if I actually wanted to use my heated grips, I would be disappointed with the Kury's.

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