head light GL 1800 for Europe.

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head light GL 1800 for Europe.

Post by rowland »

Can any one help. I want to change my 1800 headlights for use on European raods . It is a present A UK bike. Do I have to completely change the head light housing. I was considering purchasing ones from the USA but had been told that they have a FLAT LINE dipped beam? Thus having a straight line dip instead of the Dip to one side - away from the oncoming traffic. If I have to replace the whole light assembly purchasing from the USA reduces the ccost a great deal.

Any one out there got a set of spare headlight housings?


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Re: head light GL 1800 for Europe.

Post by DaveO430 »

Can you not adjust them to the right? There is an adjustment screw on the back of the housing for horizontal.
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Re: head light GL 1800 for Europe.

Post by tfdeputydawg »

The optical facets in the housings are different for right and left hand rule of the road. You will have to change the headlamps.
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