Cargo Trailer and Hitch for my 2009 1800 Wing

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Cargo Trailer and Hitch for my 2009 1800 Wing

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Hello everyone, Merry Christmas and happy new year to all. I am sure this has been discussed in the past but I am going to bring it up again for new comments from everyone's experience. What is the best hitch to purchase for a 2009 Goldwing and what is your thoughts on a single tire trailer that tilts when cornering vs a conventional trailer that has two tires. What are your recommendations out there that will help me make a decision on which way to go. This is for a cargo trailer to use while traveling, yes the wife would be happier if she didn't have to limit herself on what she can stuff in our small saddle bags. Thanks everyone in advance for your comments.


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Re: Cargo Trailer and Hitch for my 2009 1800 Wing

Post by C-dub »

In my search for a hitch and things that can be attached to it I have come to my personal conclusion that the Bushtec hitch might be the best for me. It also might be the most expensive in the crowd.

Look for 4-point main frame mounts. Some will have addition mounts to subframe. Most hitches are vertical type, but there are horizontal like on cages.
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Re: Cargo Trailer and Hitch for my 2009 1800 Wing

Post by Viking »

Also check out both Show Chrome and Kuryakyn for hitches. They are less money than Bushtec, and as the trailers we typically haul with our bikes are not real real heavy, are entirely suitable. Cycle Max in Ohio carries both.\

As for the single wheel trailers, I have absolutely no experience hauling one, however from what I can see, they will not carry what a typical two wheel trailer will. Unless they make them a lot bigger than what I have seen, they are purposed for Hotel to Hotel travel. Not gonna do much camping out of them.
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Re: Cargo Trailer and Hitch for my 2009 1800 Wing

Post by AZgl1800 »

My trailer has a solid axle with leaf spring ( single ) each side.

I towed it a lot of miles with the standard ball hitch.....

Then I added a Swivel Hitch adapter later to lengthen the tongue.

Then I pulled that trailer with the Swivel Hitch more than 4,000 miles in less than 2 months time.

Previously, I would have argued that the swivel hitches are just so much braggadocio, but no more. It just totally removes the feeling that something is back there tugging on you. I kept having to look in the mirrors to verify that the trailer was still with me.

I know of a 2nd hand story, from a reliable source. His friend went for groceries while attending a rally. On the way back from the store, the guy went to sleep and slowly went off the road to the right. the bike stayed upright. The trailer was witnessed by another m/c rider behind him, to have done a complete 360 rollover, and landed on its' wheels.

1 carton of eggs were broken, out of a dozen cartons of eggs. The guy was on a 1500, and quite shocked at what had happened.... were it not for the witness, no one would have known that trailer did a rollover.

That might be, for some, a darn good reason to want a Swivel Hitch.

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Re: Cargo Trailer and Hitch for my 2009 1800 Wing

Post by Steve F »

I'll second the swivel hitch comments. I feel confident that it'll save my hide if the trailer decides to do a flip or two....there ARE naysayers, but that's OK with me. I have a friend that actually looked at getting one-wheeled (Unigo) trailer and he said that it's just too small for any practical purpose.

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