Dent in Frame !!

Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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Dent in Frame !!

Post by mudplug »

Hi Guys, I have the chance to buy an 1800 which went up the road on its side, I am told it was only plastics that were damaged but I also see a dent in the frame, only a small one near a badge on the side but its there, whats your thoughts on this? I have added a picture ( I think? ) so you can see but should I ignore it and buy anyway?

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Re: Dent in Frame !!

Post by WingAdmin »

If it is an actual dent in the frame (hard to see in that picture) I'd be a little bit nervous about it. Aluminum doesn't stretch like steel does. You can dent steel, it stretches, and retains pretty much all of its strength.

Aluminum on the other hand doesn't stretch like steel, it just cracks. That's going to be a weak stress point...and at some point, it's going to be a crack, when you put enough stress on it (i.e. big enough bump, or enough bumps).
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Re: Dent in Frame !!

Post by Aussie81Interstate »

Was the bike written off??

I would think where that is and not being an engineer - I would want to inspect it or have it inspected for roadworthiness - depending on the depth of the dent, and if that section of the frame has been in any other position as well. I suppose another way around that would be to have another plate of solid aluminium welded over the top??

Overall it does not appear too bad - looks just like a low side scrape - but I would be wanting to negotiate the price a fir bit if you have any doubts about being roadworthy.

Maybe another picture close up from a few angles to see how deep the dent is?
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Re: Dent in Frame !!

Post by quasi2008 »

from the looks of the engine guard I would be concerned about the frame section area up front
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Re: Dent in Frame !!

Post by Viking »

I gotta say, if the price is right, I would get a whole lotta riding out of that bike. I might not even change things like the engine guard - if the price was right. Probably a lot of broken plastic tho. If only scraped, then read my first line. There is a whole lot of pleasure in a $3K GL1800

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