Seating options for larger riders

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Seating options for larger riders

Post by BigWinger »

Has anyone found a good solution to tall riders being a bit cramped when riding a Wing?

Like many other people over here in the UK, a mate of mine tested the 3rd gen Wing and didn't like it, so he bought a nearly-new 2nd gen GL1800 instead (for the European touring he has planned).

Sadly, he is already finding that the riding position is not too comfortable for his large frame. He's 6'2" and only a medium leg but - in his own words - he has a large ass!

He has had a 2nd gen bagger (F6C) for some time and finds the seat on that perfect for him. But he feels that the small rider backrest on his new bike needs to be 2-3" further back, ideally.

He has been quoted £250 to modify the seat accordingly, but I wondered if anyone had an alternative solution?

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Re: Seating options for larger riders

Post by AZgl1800 »

I did two things.

Utopia Backrest

Mick-O-Pegs that allow me to put my feet/legs straight forward and down, knees locked straight if I want.

I can stand on those M-pegs with my full weight, and lean back against the backrest which strikes me about 3-4 inches above my belt.... this greatly helps to take the ache out of my L1-L5 lumbar joints... they are a mess, I can't stand up straight for more than 5 minutes, without finding a chair to sit on.

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Re: Seating options for larger riders

Post by Wingdude1 »

I put a set of the foot rest lowering kit on my 04 gl1800 when I bought it. They lower the foot positions and also moved them forward only a few inches but helped me. I also have the mico pegs on the engine gaurds for highway use. I am 6 ' 250 with bad knees.
The price ( I think considerably below 100 bucks) was reasonable to me for the comfort.
I really noticed how nice they where after riding a friends gl1800 this summer for a quick ride.
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Re: Seating options for larger riders

Post by Rednaxs60 »

Had an 1800 and had the OEM seat modified for my 6' 2" size. Before the modification, my knees were approximately 1 inch from the fairing and my arms were being pushed back such that I was feeling a pinch between the shoulder blades that was quite uncomfortable.

Material was removed to move me back 2 inches and 2 inches was added to raise me 2 inches (34 inch inseam). Once this was done, the arms were in a better ergonomic position and there was no more discomfort between the shoulder blades. The leg position was better as well and I did not need to add foot pegs to the engine guards. Seems the 1800 seating position off the show room floor is designed for the average height of approximately 5' 10", give or take, but not for the taller rider without a seating modification.

Adding foot pegs to the engine guards is a good idea, but are designed to allow for a change in leg position to facilitate a change in hip placement. Need to exercise the joints when on a ride. Lots of work going into rider ergonomics for rider comfort on newer bikes.

When I had my 1800, I did sit on an F6 and found the seating position to be better for a taller rider.

I still have my '85 LTD, and have a 1500. Find the seating position on the 1500 to be better suited for a taller rider with no change to the OEM seating arrangement. My 1200 is also better with no modification.

Just a few thoughts.

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Re: Seating options for larger riders

Post by WingAdmin »

I have very long legs (and short arms) and I find the GL1800 extremely uncomfortable after a couple hours. My knees start to ache, and I'm pushed right up against the fairing.

A friend of mine who is very tall had a custom seat built for his GL1800 that lifted him up and moved the driver's seat back a few inches, and it made a big difference for him.
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Re: Seating options for larger riders

Post by Fatwing Chris »

Stock seats suck anyways so get an aftermarket that moves you back and preferably one with a built-in backrest.You also need hyway pegs/boards and lastly handlebars risers.Lots of choices for each of these available.
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Re: Seating options for larger riders

Post by joeincalif »

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Re: Seating options for larger riders

Post by Big Bob »

I too am a larger rider, (6'1", 230#) and yes I think the leg room on my 06 gl1800 is not very comfortable. I'm considering a Ultimate king seat, but at $1000, I haven't pulled the trigger on that yet because you only get 14 days to like it or return it, and here in MN, we're not riding full time yet. So I am watching your post for comments, suggestions, etc.!


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