Have You Painted Your 1800?

Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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Have You Painted Your 1800?

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I recently upgraded from a 1500 to an 1800 and was going to paint my trailer to match the new bike. However, I discovered that the 08 Caliente Red has some paint fade on the windshield garnish and the front fender, so now I'm thinking of painting the new bike to match the old trailer; my 94 was Candy Spectra Red and I love that color. I just have no idea how much a paint job on the bike would cost. I would strip all the plastic off myself to save some money.

A.J. Musial
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Re: Have You Painted Your 1800?

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I re sprayed one of my 1500s. From Cambridge Blue to Beam Blue - 1993 US import, 40,000 miles, pic taken on day of purchase 2011.

After, all the chrome replaced/re chromed. Plan was to just strip down, and cut n polish it to death, but......

2002 1800 Monarch trike and International trailer, from Hot Rod Yellow to Xirallic Blue. US import 6,700 miles, pic taken on day of purchase 2013.

Plan from outset was to strip down and re spray.

I also did a custom trailer I got hold of and re sprayed myself, a few were made to order before the trailer manufacturer 'Tow Smart' closed down, has no model name.
Day I purchased it in 2018.

Designed and made the drawbar myself.


Cost is relatively simple, take it to a good body shop who will not try to BS you to death, or a custom sprayer. Ask how much if all the parts are delivered for re spraying, pay up, and put it back together, be happy with the result, care not a jot about road rash and stone chips (did that for more than 35 years). If on the other hand you are retired, want a mirror, flat, orange peel free concourse finish, and do most of your riding to shows and exhibitions.
A considerable amount of the cost and time will be prep work, and dependent upon the finish you want, post re spray flatting, cutting, and polishing. If you can do this yourself, paying the sprayer just to spray, can cut the cost by up to 50% or more. You will need to clean off every spec of dirt, cut with 1500, smooth with 2000, wash, dry, de wax, fill stone chips etc, cut, prime, cut again and smooth. Pack each part to protect from dust, ready for tac ragging by the sprayer. You will need 1500, 2000, 3000, 4000 wet n dry, DA polisher with 3" & 6" backplates, medium and soft DA foam pads, medium and soft sanding pads, medium cut and fine cut polish, glaze, a good wax. Leave the parts to harden for at least a week after spraying, before finishing or re assembly. Oh, and don't drop anything when putting it back together, I have never done this, just saying.
A few random pics.
Towsmart body prep work.

First part sprayed, paint too thick, pressure too low, fan too wide, cut back and do again.

Not sure about the shade, not doing it again.

Trike body on without scratching it, a fun afternoon, invented some new swear words.

If at first you don't succeed, hide the evidence.
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