F6B Starter Problem

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F6B Starter Problem

Post by Jiml »

I recently noticed that my 2016 F6B was not turning the engine approximately once every 15-20 start attempts. Since the bike is still under factory warranty I took it to my local Honda dealer for diagnosis. The mechanic witnessed the problem and contacted Honda Customer Care for guidance. Customer Care indicated that this problem is well documented and that the starter consists of an oil filled ball and pump system. Since I'm running synthetic oil (Amsoil) they said that this is likely the cause of the starter mis-engagement.
They recommended that I switch to conventional oil which may solve the problem. If this doesn't work then the engine will need to be removed in order to access the starter for replacement. I'm not eager to have a three year old bike taken apart if I can avoid it but I'm concerned about the starter issue leaving me stranded. Has anyone heard about this problem and do you think Honda is giving me good direction?

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Re: F6B Starter Problem

Post by DaveO430 »

Assuming you mean the starter turns but doesn't engage the engine? Don't know what an "oil filled ball and pump" is but it does have a sprag clutch that could possibly slip, common on 4 cyl wings but never heard of it in an 1800. Lots of people run synthetic oil with no problem.
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Re: F6B Starter Problem

Post by Viking »

Are you running with 10W40 or 10W30? In cooler weather, say below 40F, my 2009 will sometimes do this with 10W40. Switching to 10W30 eliminated the problem. I am also using Amsoil metric motorcycle oil. Perhaps you can just prepare yourself for the situation, or change the oil weight. I switched to 10W30 for a while but noticed clunkier shifts so went back to 10W40 and expect the whiz of no engagement. It does not cause any harm, and the second time I touch the start button it engages. I, personally, am willing to live with it. Your decision may be different. I am sticking with Amsoil.
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Re: F6B Starter Problem

Post by mterraci »

I remember reading the newer Goldwings were recommended to run 10W30 oil because of issues like you described. Hopefully that will take care of it, definitely worth a try before removing an engine.

I run Amsoil 10W40 but have an older Goldwing (2007). No issues so far and am sticking with Amsoil products both in the engine and in the rear.

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