ABS light

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ABS light

Post by Remy »

Is the ABS light supposed to go out once the bike starts up? Mine stays on, does that mean there is a problem?

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Re: ABS light

Post by Bouvier1 »

Your ABS light should go out over 6mph but not when at a standstill. If this goes out when riding all is ok. When you first start the bike does the ABS light blink, if so there is a fault (the blinking is classed as a problem code). If it just comes on (and does not go off with riding) then try the following proceedure. Switch off and remove fuse no 3 & 4 (check that they are not burnt out first if so replace and try a short ride).
With fuses out turn ignition to 'On'. The ABS light should come on, wait for a few seconds and this should go off. Immediately after the light has gone out replace either 3 or 4 fuse (this must be done within 3/4 seconds so be ready). The ABS light should start to blink if there is a fault (count the number of flashes between short gaps - two or three) then replace the second fuse. This should reset the coding and the ABS light should stay on but then go off when travelling over 6mph.
This is only the initial steps to take you should also check that there is no dirt between the sensors and the sensor ring - front right hand side and rear right hand side. A fault can also be shown if the tyres are not at full pressure etc.

Good luck

Ric H
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Re: ABS light

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Found this thread after searching for the reason my abs light was flashing continually.Followed the procedure in the previous post to find the fault code.(four flashes) It's reset now and the abs light works properly as it always has.Now what? I'm getting nervous about taking it anywhere.This season it has failed me twice.First was a #4 fuel injector in the spring that required a tow and $800 at the dealer,and last month the alternator failed for $1100 to the dealers retirement fund.Anyone have any input?
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