The 35mph Wobble Revisited

Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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The 35mph Wobble Revisited

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This will be my first post and I will have questions…I am afraid I have to talk about the 35mph wobble. I know this subject can get old but I would like some opinions. My wing is a 2016 that I purchased new in February of 2018. Everything was fine until I reached about 9800 miles recently. Then came the 45mph wobble. The Bridgestone rear tire had evidence of cupping. I am religious about tire pressure. I kept 36 in front, 41 in rear. A dealer installed Dunlop Elite 4’s with CounterAct Balancing Beads. 38psi front, 41 rear.. Now I have a 35mph wobble. Handling is fine at other speeds. The dealer said I had the “Goldwing Wobble” (no kidding) and basically said “live with it.” I have done much research and it appears a person should just install the AllBalls bearings and be done with it? And while it is apart, install progressive fork tubes and fork seals as I understand the seals could start leaking around 15,000 miles?? Honda told me the work “could be covered” by warranty if the dealer found the bearings to be defective but would not replace them with aftermarket. I would like to approach my questions as if money wasn’t a concern (I am not rich) and maybe forget warranty work then I could decide how to proceed. I probably would have a dealer do the work. I really cannot find step by step instructions for the bearings on a 2016. One more important question and I hope it is appropriate: I live in south central Washington State. Does anyone know a dealer in this area that I might use that does this kind of work frequently? Thanks

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Re: The 35mph Wobble Revisited

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I just had the All Balls bearings installed and it stopped the wobble on my 2008. I also was getting a chucking in the handlebars when I had to stop quickly. I took it to an independent mechanic and the final cost was around $550. The dealer quoted me around a hundred more than the independent. If your tires are cupped that could also cause your problem. Good luck.
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