Charging starter questions

Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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Charging starter questions

Post by slammerman »

Hi all, I am having some electrical starting problems. I just replaced my battery with a Yuasa, it reads about 14.2 or so. Is what has been happening intermitingly when starting is, often I will turn the key and everything lights up and my bike fires right up. Then without notice, I will turn the key and NOTHING, NADA, no lights, sounds nothing. I have checked all wires going to my battery and fuses and around this area. My fuses look to be good. I don't quite know how to test my alternator and know my last ride a 1100 ACE before my wing I had to replace the stator or reticfier I believe.

Now, with my bike sitting and my battery fully charged, I turn the key and NOTNING. My bikes an 01, in good condition for the most part, 126k. I don't quite know where to start to diagnose? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I just got my bike back on the road from a total fork rebuild that I did myself and now this, I need to ride. Please help. Thanks

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Re: Charging starter questions

Post by joeincalif »

Do you think it could be the ignition switch?
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Re: Charging starter questions

Post by huggiebear »

I have a similar problem, I parked the bike and when I went back turned the key the and it was dead no lights, at that point the bike was on the side stand as soon I straightened the ligh come back and started with no problem, then it happened again and thought it was the battery cable so I reached on top to the battery and lights come on , touched the positive cable ( red) scared of beings left stranded on the side of the road and far from home or a bike shop decided to check the cables I removed the left saddle bag and before I've touched anything turned the key to see if would start, as sons I turned the key i so sparks near the 2 relays and the battery but I could not see where sparks an smoke came from because I panicked and turned off the key.
So I checked each cable in this area reteped around the connectors and make sure the nuts on the relays were tight.
As been 2 weeks and 2K Km with no problem. I'm sure the problem it will comeback because I beleive the problem still there. A lose connection maybe time will tell.
You might want to check behind the left saddle bag not sure if will help but it's a start.
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Re: Charging starter questions

Post by raven41951 »

Sounds like a loose connection. Start at the main and work down. Don't forget to check the grounds.

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