Hartco vs. Ultimate

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Hartco vs. Ultimate

Post by am3098 »

I recently upgraded from a 1500 to 1800 and one thing I noticed is that there's less room on the 1800. My 1500 had a Hartco seat on it which was very comfortable, so I'm considering adding an aftermarket seat to the 1800. Both Hartco and Ultimate offer a seat that will move me back about 2" which is supposed to make the bike more comfortable. I've had Hartco, but on a 1500, and I've got suggestions from others on Ultimate. I'm looking for some feedback on either brand (or others) from 1800 riders. Thanks.

A.J. Musial
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Andy Cote
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Re: Hartco vs. Ultimate

Post by Andy Cote »

For comparison sake. I had a Hartco on my GL1500 and did not care for it.

I had an Ultimate on the same bike and was ecstatic. Also had an Ultimate on my Valkyrie Interstate and was pleased.

I now have an Ultimate on my GL1800. Limited experience so far but seems to be meeting my expectations which were high going in.
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Re: Hartco vs. Ultimate

Post by Viking »

I hated the stock seat on my GL1800, tried a Corbin and did not like it, and then an Ultimate, which is perfect "FOR ME". Seats are pretty subjective, and each person needs to try till they find the one they like. I have had mustang seats and did not really care for them, but have not had a Hartco, so cannot give a comparison. It needs to be said that other people have had Corbin and loved them. Best way I have found to try out seats is at very large rallies such as Americade or a WingDing.
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Big Bob
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Re: Hartco vs. Ultimate

Post by Big Bob »

Just installed a Ultimate king seat on my 06 1800, the main reason was I needed leg room. Happy to report how nice and the extra leg room is great too! Why did I wait so long, yes a lot of $$ but so far what a difference it makes. I'm only 6'1" but wow, I now don't touch the fairing with my knees anymore!! I bought the seat, drivers and passengers backrest and the rain covers, more ride reviews coming!!

Bob Payette
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Re: Hartco vs. Ultimate

Post by Rudynewtech »

Hi Bob,
I just read your post from June.
I believe I'm having a very similar situation with leg room and positioning.
(07 gl1800 nav)
Can't believe how uncomfortable riding becomes after a mere 150 miles or less if there's traffic. Shoulders back neck.. I added the shim kit to raise and extend the bars with little improvement.
So when I ride solo I can sit back and up almost to the passenger seat. My butt up on the ridge of the seat.
What I'm concerned of is if I get a custom seat that allows me to be back further, say 2 inches, how much space am I absorbing from her area behind me.
What seat did you change to and is there a website to go to see them or it?
Rudy V.
Long Island, NY.
Big Bob
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Re: Hartco vs. Ultimate

Post by Big Bob »

I purchased the passenger backrest also, it helps move the passenger back also. My wife drives her own mc, and has not been on the back seat of the Ultimate yet, so I have no usability information yet. We have had a very wet summer, and I have sadly not rode many miles, very sad. We even canceled our mc trip we had planned, longest ride with the new seat has been about 260 miles, loved it. I have fairly long arms and didn't buy handle bar set backs, I can see were they may be necessary for some riders. I have bad knees and this seat has really helped my comfort level on the bike. My legs would be uncomfortable after 25 miles before I put the Ultimate king seat on my bike. Definitely a lot of $$$ but worth it IMO.

Bob Payette
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Trying to break it in, only 84k on the clock!
I'd rather be riding than working!!
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Re: Hartco vs. Ultimate

Post by Rednaxs60 »

Had an 1800, since sold; however, I had the same issue with the seating. I had researched the 1800 before I bought it and taller riders, I'm 6'2" had issues with the amount of room available to them with the stock seat. My knees were about 1" from the fairing, my arms were pushed back because of the riding position, pinching me between the shoulder blades. Went to Rich's Custom Seats in Kingston Washington to get this sorted out. Pulled in, he looked at my riding position, and mentioned "6'2" and 36 inch arms, need to move you back 2" and up 2"". He has been doing this for over 25 years, interesting history. He made the adjustments, used the OEM seat cover. With these adjustments, pinching was gone, knees were no longer close to the fairing and control of the bike was much better. Lots of room left behind for the passenger.

Have a 1500 and the riding position is much better. More room for the rider and passenger without any mods.

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Re: Hartco vs. Ultimate

Post by Wingsconsin »

Hartco & Diamond are the same company (kinda)
Same place & people - different designs slightly

I have a Diamond on my GL1800
With an upgraded version of the passenger backrest it give more room to the co-rider
while also allowing a slightly pushed back seating position for the rider driver.
Talk to them about your size and they will make it right.

I am on my 5th Diamond seat now - and loved them all
Every bike I have owned in the past 10 years gets a Diamond seat including my 1983 Suzuki GS850GL on a second seat pan I got on eBay

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